Governing and Governance in Higher Education

Project acronym: 
Project start date: 
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Project end date: 
Monday, September 30, 2013
Main researcher: 
External researchers: 
Sofia Sousa; Filipa Ribeiro (grant holder)
Proponent institution: 
Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies (CIPES)
Participating institutions: 
CIPES, University of Bergen;University of Bath; University of Lugano; University of Twente; University of Kassel; National Research Council (CNR)Italy; Nordic Institute for Innovation Studies (NIFU).
Project description: 
The project Governing and Governance in higher education was part of the Eurohesc CRP and aimed to analyse the transformations in the steering and governance models in European higher education. Its main objectives were: 1. to identify and analyse characteristics of the new steering/governance instruments that are being used at the European, national and system levels; 2. To identify their impact on the higher education landscape at national (system) level and in the governance models introduced at the institutional level.
Project keywords: 
Higher Education Governance; HEIs Management; European Governance of higher education.
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