The governing bodies of CIPES are the Executive Board, the Scientific Board, the General Assembly, the Audit Board and the Advisory Board.

The members of the Executive Board (five) are elected by the Scientific Board and proposed to the General Assembly, which appoints them. The Executive Board is responsible for the daily running of the Centre. The Scientific Board is composed of all researchers with a doctoral degree developing their work at CIPES. This Board is responsible for defining the research policy of the Centre and for deciding the admission of new researchers, the award of scholarships and hiring new personnel.

The General Assembly is composed of the rectors of the associated universities (at present the Universities of Aveiro and Porto) and a researcher from each University appointed by the Scientific Board. The General Assembly analyses and votes the budget proposals and the activity plans, appoints the members of the Executive Board and decided on the admission of new associates. The Audit Board controls the financial activity and inspects the accounts, producing an annual report for the General Assembly.

The Advisory Board is composed of three researchers of international reputation; at present, the members are Professors Ulrich Teichler (U.Kassell, Germany), Simon Marginson (IoE-UCL, United Kingdom) e Christine Musselin (Sciences-Po, France). The Advisory Board produces reports and recommendations on the research strategy and the development plans.

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