Research Group 1


The System Level Policy (SLP) Research Group carries out research activities that aim at critically analysing higher education policies, their development and their effects in different contexts. Taking on a multi-level analysis perspective, SLP encompasses studies on higher education reforms at the system and institutional levels. The influence of the narratives of higher education governance and management, as well as the reorganisation of its structures and processes, is also one of its central foci of attention. The relationships between governance and management, and between the transnational, European, national and institutional levels in the shaping of higher education policies have, thus, been research objects, putting forward the higher education shifts in Portugal and Europe. Thus, SLP develops: (i) comparative analyses of the influence of governance narratives at the national and institutional levels, and the cognitive-cultural, regulatory and normative elements of higher education governance; (ii) theorising of the governance and management of autonomous organisations (meta-governance); (iii) analyses of the effects of governance and management instruments on the political handling of higher education systems and higher education institutions; and (iv) analyses of the coherence and relevance of the European Union’s strategic objectives and their impact on higher education and its institutions.

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