Plan for Equality, Equity and Diversity 2021-2025

"The CIPES Plan for Equality, Equity and Diversity 2021-2025 reflects the Centre’s commitment to promoting processes and structures that aim to contribute to the construction and consolidation of equality and cohesion within the framework of its activities and organisation. It is a matter of simultaneously taking on diversity as an added value for the Centre as an organisation, as an enabler and enhancer of research itself in the social and human sciences, and, a fortiori, of research on higher education policies. The study of the structures and processes of the transformation of higher education, the analysis of the multiple social and economic impacts of higher education systems and institutions, and the analysis of their effects on the equality, equity and diversity of the teams involved (students, academics, researchers, technical support staff, institutional leaders and external representatives) are, undoubtedly, enriched by the plurality of stances that build this research."

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