Research Group 2


The Institutional and Organisational Analysis (IOA) Research Group undertakes research in higher education at the specific level of the institution, its organisational structures, processes and practices, as well as at the level of its actors. This Research Group encompasses analyses of the way policies are perceived and implemented at the institutional level, how they shape organisational configurations, governance and management, structures and processes, quality assurance and improvement, academic work, gender relationships in academia and the practices of the various institutional actors. The research carried out by this Research Group seeks to combine different dimensions of analysis. Amongst them are institutional environment; institutional organisation; groups, interests and constituencies; the implementation of assessment and quality programs (academic, managerial and students from this level); the organisation of work and the dynamics regarding the participation of academics, non-teaching professionals and students in the system and institutions. The main research topics include: changes in organisational structures and processes within the scope of New Public Management and managerialism, in particular as regards the reconfigurations of professional bureaucracy, in a comparative perspective between the health and higher education fields; reconfigurations of the professional roles and identities of academics and non-teaching professionals, as well as the power relationships between these different groups; institutional policies and practices aimed to encourage staff internationalisation; gender segregation in higher education and students’ experiences concerning the participation in institutional assessment processes.

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