Know-BEST Partnerships in Knowledge Production - Beliefs, Strategies and Tensions.

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Project start date: 
Monday, April 2, 2018
Project end date: 
Friday, April 2, 2021
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Proponent institution: 
CIPES - Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies
Project description: 
The project Know-BEST aims to evaluate the impact of European Union policies on Science, Technology and Innovation (ST&I) in Portugal. Assuming that national policies are not only a result of isomorphic mechanisms, but also the result of complex interactions between practice, theory and policy, the aim of this project is both to understand how Portuguese ST&I policies have been translating the European narratives, and also how these narratives have been integrated by different institutions and actors. The project intends to analyse if institutions and academics have changed their beliefs and behaviours according to the new political narratives (based on a comparative study of 25 countries) and, using a case study approach, based on the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP), how institutions and actors with different institutional logics define strategies to work together and overcome the potential tensions in the coproduction, transfer and commercialisation of knowledge.
Project keywords: 
Network Knowledge Society; Academics/Institutions Engagement; Knowledge cluster; Knowledge Production/ Transfer/Commercialisation
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