Bruno Vilhena

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Last name: 
Master’s Degree
Degree title: 
Master's in Economics
Graduation year: 
University of Aveiro
Research interests: 
Economics of Education, Labour Economics, Labor Market, Gender Studies
Biographical note: 
Bruno Vilhena Pires has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Aveiro. He is currently a student of the Doctorate in Business and Economics and a FCT PhD Research Fellow, also at the University of Aveiro, with the main goals of measuring the persistence of the effects of education-work mismatches after completing higher education and entering the labour market, the study of gender differences that these effects may cause, and the impact that negative economic cycles have in reinforcing these persistence effects, in the case of Portuguese recent graduates. He finished his master’s in 2021 with a thesis entitled “The persistence of mismatches in the transition to employment: A university-level study”. He works in the area of Social Sciences (Economics), where his research interests are the Economics of Education, Higher Education, and the Labour Market. He is also interested in the field of Political Science, and has extensive experience in the associative movement.
CORDIS Keywords: 
Social and Economic concerns
Education, Training
Economic aspects
Employment issues
Status at CIPES: 
PhD student

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