Transforming Higher Education in a Post-Industrial era: a comparative study

Project start date: 
Monday, March 22, 2004
Project end date: 
Thursday, March 22, 2007
Main researcher: 
External researchers: 
Harry de Boer, University of Twente, The Netherlands; Lynn Meek and Leo Geodegebuure University of Melbourne, Australia.
Proponent institution: 
CIPES - Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies
Participating institutions: 
University of Twente and University of Melbourne.
Project description: 
This project aimed to map and analyze the multiplicity of ways in which higher education institutions interpret and respond to external (political, social and economic) pressures in the advent of a global, knowledge-based, post-industrial society.
Project keywords: 
Higher Education Institutions; Knowledge society; Post-industrial society
Financing amount: 
Funding entity: 
FCT (Project POCI/ESC/59381/2004)

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