Ranking FIISEG

Project acronym: 
Project start date: 
Monday, July 1, 2013
Project end date: 
Monday, March 31, 2014
Main researcher: 
Pedro Teixeira
External researchers: 
Margarida Cardoso
Proponent institution: 
CIPES - Centro de Investigação em Políticas do Ensino Superior
Project description: 
With the purpose of awarding prizes to their Faculty according to their scientific publications, the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (Lisboa School of Economics and Management – ISEG) has asked CIPES to develop a ranking of international journals with peer-review, which would replace the already existing one that the institution used. The main tasks of the research team were: - Constructing the ranking for the institution, bearing in mind the interdisciplinary nature of its departments and of its staff. - Having meetings with the scientific committee of the institution, in order to learn of its specificities and its main concerns. - Providing intermediary and final reports on the methodology and rationales behind the construction of the ranking. - Presenting the ranking proposal to the scientific community of the institute. - Providing the informatics solution to disseminate the ranking and the underlying methodology. Based on the project’s results, the research team expects to produce a research paper in order to contribute to the methodological and policy debates about evaluating the quality/relevance/value of research published in international journals with peer-review.
Project keywords: 
Peer-review journals; ranking
Financing amount: 
€ 8.165,00
Funding entity: 
ISEG – Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão da Universidade de Lisboa

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