CIPES was awarded the Medal of Merit Diogo Vasconcelos 2023

On July 8, CIPES was awarded the Medal of Merit Diogo Vasconcelos 2023 by Federação Académica do Porto, as part of the celebrations of its 34th anniversary, at the Alfândega do Porto building. This year, Federação Académica do Porto wanted to recognise the production of high value scientific research that meets the needs of Higher Education students, aiming to improve education, acknowledging the unquestionable contribution of science to society and its impact on the improvement of citizens' education and quality of life, reducing inequalities.

Thus, Federação Académica do Porto distinguished the research project “Cartography and socioeconomic dynamics of higher education students in Grande Porto and Grande Lisboa” undergoing at CIPES, coordinated by António Magalhães and Maria José Sá, and which has the collaboration of Federação Académica do Porto and Federação Académica de Lisboa.

In a session attended by the Secretary of State for Higher Education, Pedro Nuno Teixeira, as well as representatives of higher education institutions and local authorities, among others, Ana Gabriela Cabilhas, President of Federação Académica do Porto, presented the prize to António Magalhães, CIPES Director, in recognition of the scientific work that this Research Center has produced, and particularly for this project.




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