APIKS Conference


APIKS Conference: General work situation and working conditions in academia


Conference Theme


The organizing committee welcomes you to Aveiro. Like several of the previous excellent conferences that have been organized by APIKS members, the objective of this conference is to support the development of collaborative, comparative papers on a common theme that will become the core elements of a Springer “Red Book” volume. The theme for the conference is the "General Work Situation and the Working Conditions in Academia".

As you recall, the APIKS conference serves as a network for comparative work under the APIKS Project. In that regard, the proposals that were accepted by the conference organizers will be circulated in advance of the conference, and the author will be asked to make a presentation of not more than 20 minutes during the conference, followed by 20 minutes of discussion. As a result of this discussion with conference participants we expect to find a rational for comparing countries and further develop the initial proposal. In addition to supporting the development of papers for the thematic Red Book volume, the conference will also include APIKS business meetings, and opportunities for APIKS members to share recent updates, and learn a bit more about each other through social activities.

While the conference will be held in-person in Aveiro, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all sessions of the conference will be hybrid, to allow for those unable to travel to participate in some sessions. To help us better organize the conference, we ask you to formalize your Registration here.

Remember the call for proposals HERE


Conference Programme and Book of Abstracts


Please check here the Conference Programme

Please check here all the submitted Abstracts

About UA

The University of Aveiro (UA), founded in 1973, is a public foundation under private law whose mission is to contribute to and develop graduate and postgraduate education and training, research and cooperation with society.

The organisation of the UA is based on a matrix structure, which integrates the university and polytechnic education sub-systems. It fosters interdisciplinarity and flexibility through the organisation and management of its activities and objectives, as well as openness to society and close links to the local business environment. The UA is made up of organisational units within the university sub-system (16 departments) and the polytechnic sub-system (four schools). An integral part of the university's structure is a set of units dedicated to various research activities, and within the framework of the third university mission (cooperation with society), there are interface structures that establish links with the both the local region and society as a whole.

UA is widely recognized as one of the most innovative universities in Portugal and is currently attended by about 13,600 undergraduate students and 3,800 post-graduate students. On the campuses of the UA, students from 85 countries can be found. They come from Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Holland, as well as from many other countries in Europe. Non-Community countries, such as Brazil, China, Angola, Cape Verde or Iran, for example, are among the places of origin of foreign nationals who have chosen the UA, attracted by the quality of education, the prestige of the research done here, by its connection to companies, the climate and even the hospitality of the Portuguese people.

The UA academic community has about 1,400 teachers and researchers, and 630 technical, administrative and management staff. With a modern and prestigious architecture, UA occupies top positions in the most important international rankings that assess Higher Education institutions.

More information about UA  |  To see the map of UA  |  To see the institutional video presentation of UA


Where to stay in Aveiro:


These are suggestions from the organizing committee. There is no hotel associated with the conference, so the participants should seek their own accommodation.

4-star hotels 3-star hotels
Meliá Ria Aveiro: www.meliaria.com (19 Min Walk) Veneza Aveiro: www.venezahotel.pt (23 Min Walk)
Moliceiro: www.hotelmoliceiro.pt (14 Min Walk) Hotel Jardim: www.hoteljardim.pt (18 Min Walk)
Aveiro Palace: www.hotelaveiropalace.com (12 Min Walk) Aveiro Center: www.hotelaveirocenter.com (5 kms from the Venue)
  Hotel das Salinas: www.hoteldassalinas.com (9 Min Walk)

Arriving at the Campus


By Plane

The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Porto, is 80km North of Aveiro. It is the closest airport to Aveiro. There is also the Lisbon airport, 250km South of Aveiro and reachable by train. It is also possible (but less advisable) to fly to Faro Airport -  500km south of Aveiro..

From Porto to Aveiro, by train or bus

The best way to reach Aveiro is by train, from the Porto-Campanhã train station: there are three kinds of trains linking the two cities. Alfa Pendular (AP) are the fastest ones, reaching Aveiro in about 47 minutes. Tickets cost 15,10€ (1st class) or 20,80€ (2nd class). Intercidades (IC) trains take about 53 minutes to cover the distance, and tickets cost 13,20€ (1st class) or 12,20€ (2nd class). There are also suburban (U) trains linking the two cities, but these take around 1h10m to reach Aveiro and could be packed with passengers, depending on hour you choose to travel. Tickets for these trains cost 3,55€ and are loaded on a card that must be bought by 0,50€. Timetables for trains are available at www.cp.pt, tickets for Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains can also be bought online on this website, and they might be cheaper if bought in advance. Tickets for suburban trains must be bought at the train station.

To arrive to the train station from the Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro you can take a cab (or uber, or similar), metro or bus. By cab, the trip should take around 30 minutes.

A practical way to reach the train station is by metro. There is a metro terminal at the airport leading to the Trindade station. There you can take a metro to Campanhã. The trip should take around 30 minutes and cost 2€ (Z4 ticket) plus the cost of the rechargeable Andante card (0,60€). Metro timetables and information about tickets, prices and the layout of the metro are available at https://www.metrodoporto.pt.

By bus, you can travel with Getbus or STCP. You can take a Getbus bus from the airport to the Campo 24 de Agosto bus station. The trip will take about 30 minutes and cost 2,80€. From there, the Campanhã station is at walkable distance (1,4km), but you might prefer to get the Metro at the 24 de Agosto station and leave at Campanhã (Z2 ticket, which costs 1,25€ but also requires the 0,60€ worth Andante card) or the 206 STCP (you can use a Z2 ticket or buy the ticket from the bus driver, which costs 2€). You can find additional information on Getbus and buy tickets at https://www.getbus.eu/pt/.

You can also take the STCP 602 line from the Airport to Cordoaria, where you can take the 207 line, which has its final stop at the Campanhã train station. You can do this trip using an Andante card (0,6€) loaded with a Z4 ticket (2€), or you can buy your ticket from the bus driver. In this case, you will need a ticket from each bus, and each will cost 2€. Timetables and other information on Porto buses might be found at https://www.stcp.pt.

You can also travel from Porto to Aveiro by bus. Buses leave at Campo 24 de Agosto and take about 1h to reach Aveiro. If you buy the ticket online the price might vary, but it should cost between 5 and 15€. Timetables and other information are available at https://rede-expressos.pt. Tickets might also be bought at the bus station. From the airport, you can arrive at the Campo 24 de Agosto bus station by cab or Uber (or similar), by metro or by bus. If you choose the first option, you can take the metro at the airport, change lines at Trindade, and leave at the 24 de Agosto station. The bus station is nearby. You will need a Z4 ticket (2€) and an Andante card (0,6€), and the trip will take around 25 minutes. You can also take a Getbus bus from the airport directly to the bus station (2,80€), and then take a bus to Aveiro.

From Lisbon to Aveiro, by train or bus

If you are arriving at the Lisbon Airport, the best way to reach Aveiro is by train, from the Lisboa-Oriente station. There are two types of trains travelling between the two cities: Alfa Pendular (AP) and Intercidades (IC). Travelling in the first one will take about 2h and cost 39,80€ (1st class) or 27,70€ (2nd class), while the second one takes around 2h20m and costs 31€ (1st class) or 21,10€ (2nd class), although prices might drop if the tickets are bought online and in advance. You might buy tickets, consult timetables and get further information at www.cp.pt.

To get to the Lisboa-Oriente train station from the airport, you can take a cab, Uber or similar, a bus or the metro. The first option should take 5-10 minutes. BYou can also take the 705 (only at weekdays) or the 744 Carris bus at the airport and leave at the Estação Oriente bus stop. The trip costs 2€ if you chose to buy the ticket from the bus driver, or 1,50€ plus the Viva Viagem card that you must buy and charge with the ticket (0,50€). More information about the Carris buses might be found at https://www.carris.pt/.

You can also take the metro red line from the airport and leave at the Oriente station. The trip takes 7 minutes and costs 1,50€ plus the Viva Viagem card that you must buy and charge with the ticket (0,50€). Metro timetables and other information might be found at https://www.metrolisboa.pt.

Another option is to travel form Lisbon to Aveiro by bus. You can take a bus instead of a train at the Oriente station. If bought online, tickets might cost between 5€ and 17,50€, but they can also be bought at the station. The trip takes 3h-3h30m. You can buy tickets and get information on timetables at https://rede-expressos.pt.

From Faro to Aveiro, by train or bus

If you are arriving at Faro, you might choose to travel to Aveiro by train or bus. There is one Alfa Pendular and one Intercidades daily train connecting the two cities. The first one will cost 69,30€ (1st class) or 50,40€ (2nd class) and takes around 5h10 minutes to arrive, while the second one costs 54€ (1st class) or 39,05€ (2nd class) and takes about 6h15m. Tickets might be cheaper if bought online and in advance. You can also take a train to Lisbon and then another one to Aveiro. More information, timetables and tickets at www.cp.pt. You can get to the train station form the airport by cab (or similar) or by bus. If you choose to travel by bus, you should take the line 16, which takes around 25 minutes to arrive. The ticket costs 2,35€ if bought from the bus driver, or 2,35€ if loaded in a previously bought card.

You can also travel by bus. The trip will take 8 to 10 hours and costs 33€. You can buy tickets and get information on timetables at https://rede-expressos.pt. You might travel to the bus station by cab (or similar) or taking the 16 bus at the airport. The bus takes around 25 minutes to arrive, and the ticket costs 2,35€ if bought from the bus driver, or 2,35€ if loaded in a previously bought card.

Reaching the campus from the train station or the bus station

Both Aveiro railway station and Aveiro bus station are located at about 25 minutes walking distance (2km) or 5 minutes cab ride from the University Campus. To reach the Campus, you can also use the bus (line 11) which departs at regular intervals from outside the railway station. More information on Aveiro urban buses here: https://www.aveirobus.pt.

Reaching Aveiro by car

From the north using the A1 motorway or from the east using the A25. Take the A1 motorway headed to Lisbon. Exit the A1 in the direction of Aveiro and take the A25. There are two exits to the city from the A25, first "Aveiro-Norte" and some kilometers further on, the "Aveiro" exit. This second exit is the best for reaching the University of Aveiro.

From the south using the A1 motorway. Take the A1 motorway in the direction of Porto. Exit the motorway at "Aveiro-Sul/Águeda" (exit 15) and follow the EN235 road directly to the University Campus. From the south, using the A8 and A17 motorways. Exit the motorway at "Aveiro-Sul" and follow the EN235 road directly to the University campus.

Funding Acknowledgments

This conference is funded by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) under the KNOW-BEST project through the grant POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029427, funded by FEDER through COMPETE2020 - Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization (POCI).



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